= Owner Occupier = Songs of Hope from Around the World documents the recording of a music CD of orphaned and unwanted children from around the third world singing traditional folk songs in their native languages.

Perhaps the worst thing that happens to children of the third world is the loss of their voice; for it is such a lovely voice. There is nothing quite so beautiful as the sounds of children playing, children talking, children singing; in their own exotic languages - and there is an amazing quality and variety of languages out there in the world.

This project should appeals to: 1)  Those who just like to listen to children singing. 2) Those interested in the cultures and traditional folk songs of exotic societies. 3) Those looking for some insight into the conditions from the front lines of globalization. 4) Entrepreneurs and adventurers who would be interested in seeing how easy it is to use our current technology to record and produce music.

= Owner Occupier = Songs of Hope from Around the World is a feel-good project combining art, politics, travel, and technology. At each location there is a brief introduction into the social / political situation; followed by a montage of the children singing and interview / discussions of their lives, dreams, fears, and interpretation of lyrics. The overall style is voyeuristic, with perhaps a minimal amount of voice-over narrative to establish events and locations.

Purity that will touch your hearts and souls. We will be able hear these children speak from there hearts. Just by listening to the CD we will be able to give back to these beautiful kids. It will take us into a world full of love, peace, purity, freedom, possibilities of many whenever we choose too just by listening to the songs and the lyrics. A chance to look at the world through there eyes.